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Anonymous Asked: Hi do you do footjobs in the dmv?

Yes please email me

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Anonymous Asked: How do I get a session with you?

By emailing me

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lkjhgasdf123 Asked: U make me want to eat my own cum. U r sexy

Hmmmmmm is that right

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lkjhgasdf123 Asked: What a beautiful lady u are!

Why thank you darlin

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Anonymous Asked: Could you show your fat pussy then or how could we see it ?

This bout feet

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kala666555443 Asked: Like a baby u put me to sleep at night. After I bust a nut. Love u again

Sweet dreams

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icoolv3000 Asked: I love deedeerican , and I'm not a trouble maker but on the feet scene bruh .. No way !!! try again not even close.. These feet over here are the best and not afraid to make you bite the dust :) you'd have to combine 2 pair of feet or maybe three sets of feet to make a nigga choose otherwise.. Just some real talk .. And if a nigga stray he comin right back here to ladysteph..

hA I know that’s right.


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kala666555443 Asked: Only thing close to u is Deedeerican123

Fair enpugh

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2thousandandthick Asked: I can't believe some of the shit these guys ask you. WTF is wrong wit these dudes LMAO. You really turn men out wit out even giving them the kitty WOW

ahahhaH and just think, this is how they act WITHOUT even getting some puss




sike nah. I love it

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Anonymous Asked: Seems like the guys you let skeet on your feet are disability check yellow bus riding dudes you pimping.. Now I know you want that ass and pussy eating up as well.. I wanna see you caressing your soles with lotion btw lol

Hmmmm disabled? And why do you say that? I’ve met athletes, grown men, cia members, personal trainers and regular guys like you… wth

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icoolv3000 Asked: Dese some damn fools, no disrespect but that p$$y.. Could never be wack.. Cause none of us is gettin it , ain't never had it,and if you ever said yea we would kill eachother tryin to get to it .. So right there that's the power of it right there..

Lol church!!!!!!

each one teach one!!!


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Anonymous Asked: Please squash my eggs under your beatiful round heels

Cum get sum

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feetslover Asked: Your feets are pretty pls upload pics with your ass!! I love you! <3

Did you see the pink fishnets?

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Anonymous Asked: Do you let men fuck your feet because your pussy wack?

Nahhhh lol.

this fat cat ain’t wack

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